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Georgians Discuss Aiding Neighboring Armenia 

A large part of discussions in Georgian press and social media is dedicated to the coronavirus situation in Armenia. The press report daily statistics related to the spread of the contagion in Armenia.

After Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s June 4 address that “health care institutions are in a condition that are unable to timely hospitalize those in need,” the discussions in Georgian press and social media became more amplified, reports AliqMedia.

Elene Khoshtaria, one of Georgia’s oppositional “European Georgia” party leaders, wrote on Ֆacebook: “It is impossible to watch what is happening in Armenia. We must help. It is evident we don’t have many resources, but any kind of assistance is important. We might also help in terms of facilitating [aid] with the West. We need to urgently find out specific needs and act.”

Irakli Kupridze from “Lelo” party also called for a Caucasian solidarity for Armenia. “We need to provide humanitarian assistance. Let’s put aside the improper statements of some of their Ministers and let’s stand by our neighbor. There are infected people that can’t be hospitalized. We can’t let people die. We can easily find a way of assistance,” announced Kupridze.

Activists and public figures have also made similar statements. Irakli Kakabadze, writer and publicist, wrote: “Georgia must stand by Armenia. It is impermissible to let our sisters and brothers in such a condition. We must help them to get out of it. Let’s think together on how we can do this.”

Activist Dato Kharshiladze wrote: “We must help the Armenians, however, transferring patients here is impossible. We can set up a field hospital in Tashir or Alaverdi, send two medical brigades with minimal contact.”

Many Facebook and Instagram users agree in the comments with the writers, despite the rise of anti-Armenian sentiments due to Armenia’s Health Minister Arsen Torosyan statements. He had earlier commented that he did not believe in the official low statistics of COVID-19 cases in Georgia, for which he later apologized.

A petition for aiding Armenia has opened on gopetition.com. “We call on the government of Georgia to discuss the issue of aiding Armenia at this heavy moment. By saying aid, we mean offering Armenia to treat their patients in Georgia. We find it the right move to help a neighboring state and stabilize the situation in the region.”