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Ousted General Receives a New Post

Artak Davtyan, former head of the Armenian Armed Forces Headquarters has been appointed Chairperson of the Military Industry Committee. Davtyan was sacked on June 8 2020, a day after he played a scandalous wedding for his son during the state of emergency restrictions of public gatherings. These were also the days when Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced a “public oversight flashmob” requesting citizens to send photos of violations of the anti-epidemic rules.

Davtyan was not the only high official to be dismissed in relation to the incident. While about 100 guests were invited to the wedding according to unconfirmed information, in addition to Davtyan, the Prime Minister also dismissed the head of the National Security Service Eduard Martirosyan and the head of the Police of Armenia, Arman Sargsyan who allegedly were among the guests.

Artak Davtyan’s new appointment is made by Prime Minister’s decree of July 16 and is published on the Government’s e-gov.am website.