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The community continues to be in control of the situation at Amulsar

Currently, the company which planned mining Amulsar is trying to create a false image of controlling the situation at the site.

However, we clearly state that during the past few weeks the company has not been able to access Amulsar through any of its main roads. They have managed to transport around a dozen of cleaners and plumbers to the site from a secondary village road near the community of Saravan. These people are obviously not able to carry out any mining activity; in the meanwhile, we believe, the company uses them to create another false success story and “sell” it to its investors.

No heavy machinery has entered the Amulsar site and none will be allowed to enter it. The population of Jermuk and other concerned citizens of Armenia will never allow any mining in Amulsar. This is our final decision which is not subject to revision.

The Government of Armenia has to take into account the will of the majority of the population of Jermuk community (expressed through the petition against mining and ratified by the community council decision) and other citizens of Armenia. Based on the findings of the international assessment initiated by the Government of Armenia, the latter has to cancel the approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Amulsar project granted to the company in 2016 by the previous corrupt government.

The Amulsar Protectors