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Azerbaijani ‘Thieves of Law’ in Moscow Fight for Control of Onions, Dill Market

All high-profile killings and attacks in Moscow involving immigrants from Azerbaijan are linked to each other, reports AZE.az. All have been victims of crime between two “thieves of law” (vory v zakone) — Nadir Salifov (known as Gulu) and Ravshan Janaeva (known as Ravshan Lenkoranski).

Four people were shot in Moscow recently — Yavar Huseynov, Kamil Kashtayev, Aziz Ismailov, Fizuli Huseinov. Russian journalists learned that a majority of those killed and injured were victims of the fight for the right to control the import of greens into the Russian capital.

The wholesale market for trading greens supplies the demand of all of Moscow. “Every bundle of onions, dill, parsley that arrives in bazaars and shops and is used by restaurants and cafes goes through this wholesale market,” said one police officer. 

For a long time, the sale of greens took place in the Basmanny market; however, when the roof collapsed in 2006, the trade moved to the Kiev Railway Station (in Moscow). Now the trade points are located on the Ring Road. Every month, hundreds of trucks full of parsley and onions comes to the market. With each truck, leaders of criminal syndicates receive $3,000. In one month, they make around $500,000, if not more. 

According to law enforcement bodies working on this issue, for a long time, the greens market was run by “thief in law” Bakic Aliyev, better known as Vakha. He was crowned “thief of law” (vor v zakone) in 2004.