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Armenian Policeman Responsible For Two People’s Death Not Detained

On December 23, 50-year-old Karine Gasparyan and her 18-year-old daughter Anahit Gasparyan died as a result of a tragic car-pedestrian accident in Komitas Avenue. The two women were run down by policeman Artur Hovhannisyan who has not still been detained.

Armenian Times (Haykakan Zhamanak) daily trying to inquire into the stage of the investigation addressed to RA Special Investigation Services (SIS). “There are no detained or imprisoned at the moment. The issue of charging the person who ran down the two women will be discussed after having obtained the results of the technical legal expertise. The preliminary investigation is proceeding,” reads the SIS letter.

According to the relatives of the deceased, it is, at least, unfair that Artur Hovhannisyan still enjoys freedom. “Should he have killed 10 people in order to be detained? Though, in this case as well he might not have been detained. If there are facts that he is responsible for the run down, what are they finding out now, what are they exploring? Who cares about the results of the expertise? He killed two persons. He must be imprisoned,” said Anahit Gasparyan’s uncle in his talk to Haykakan Zhamanak daily. He also mentioned that by not detaining the policeman responsible for the death of two people the law-enforcement representatives incite the relatives to commit crime.

“If the girl’s father were alive he would not hesitate and would kill that man. You know, such situations when people leave everything and take the law into their own hands should not exist. But in this case it seems as if they are inciting us to do it,” said Anahit Gasparyan’s uncle.