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‘We’re not Arab’: Armenian MP Says Revolt in Armenia Unlikely

The priority issue in Armenia continues to be injustice, said Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun ARF-D) MP Lilit Galstyan in a debate in Yerevan with Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) MP Manvel Badeyan.

In Galstyan’s opinion, regression is evident in Armenia in all spheres of both public and political life, and the government is incapable of getting the country out of this situation. The ARF-D MP noted that due to numerous social problems, emigration from Armenia continues.

In the list of problems, Galstyan noted in particular social assistance, disability and pension payments which aren’t paid on time and the continuing inflation. Citizens of Armenia, having a distrust of the local judicial system, said Galstyan, send their complaints on injustice in Armenia to the European Court.

Badeyan, however, disagreed, saying the reasons for emigration are not only due to those Galstyan mentioned. He added, the likelihood of mass protests in Armenia against social problems is negligible, and parallels cannot be made between Armenia and Arab countries.

“Finally, we’re not Arab. Never in any country has a revolt led to a positive outcome. The revolt, sooner or later, will end, but its results will remain,” said the HHK member of parliament.

Galstyan, referring to incidents in Tunisia and Egypt, said, “God forbid, such things take place here [in Armenia].”