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Struggle for Armenia in Global Arena has Increased Dramatically: Interview

During the 2007 parliamentary elections in Armenia, Russia secured the victory of the Republican Party of Armenia. Russia needed a pro-Russian force in Armenia.

What political party in Armenia’s ruling system is pro-Russian now? The Prosperous Armenia party. And now Russia is struggling for Prosperous Armenia to secure the most seats in the upcoming National Assembly elections, said Karabakh Committee member Ashot Manucharyan in an interview with the Hungarian edition of “168 ora online”.

However, he noted that today Armenia is rapidly growing under Western influence. “If these inclinations continue until 2013, then Russian influence will be insignificant, close to zero.”

The struggle for Armenia in the global arena has increased dramatically. External forces, primarily the United States, then England, followed by Russia, are trying to have greater influence (on the country) and to virtually dictate political elections. Our country occupies a pivotal place in the global struggle for the Caucasus corridor which plays an important role, said Manucharyan.

Present in this corridor today are two, so to speak, valves. One of these is Ossetia, which since 2008 has ceased to be such a valve. Russia acquired Ossetia but lost the valve. Nagorno-Karabakh still remains such a vale, but there is a problem: how to solve the issue of this valve.

If any issue with Nagorno-Karabakh arises, other countries can take advantage of this circumstance. Russia’s desire to carry out a peacekeeping operation is obvious and it will do this. This means that the communication corridor will accommodate Russian tanks.