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Gaddafi-Maddafi: Armenian Analyst Doesn’t Believe in Democracy in Arab Countries

No revolution will turn Egypt into Holland, said Caucasus Institute Director, analyst Alexander Iskandaryan, speaking to journalists in Yerevan today.

“It’s unclear, after the ‘Gaddafis’ what type of ‘Maddafis’ will come, how domestic policy in these countries will be established, and how relations among them will be sorted. More or less, one thing is clear: there’s no smell of democracy, of course. Democracy is not established in such countries where there’s no liberal tradition, which can support the process,” he said.

According to Iskandaryan, the events taking place are not only a single phenomenon. “In different Arab countries, there are very different factors and these can’t be presented as a single phenomenon. A social revolt is taking place in Egypt which is due to the grain price increase, and Egypt is that country where 30% of the population has received subsidies for its bread supply.

“In Yemen, there are disagreements between the north and the south, which has always existed, and after unification, it became so that the political elite represents one part of Yemen while the other part feels offended.”

As for events in Libya, Iskandaryan called them “inter-community [tribal] wars.” These events unite only the “United Information Space, Al Jazeera,” he said.

The Armenian media present the aforementioned events, according to the analyst, as something general: “Look here, people are fighting against the regime.” He also stressed the importance of what’s happened, since “that region is not far from Armenia and there are Armenians living there too.”

Photo: armportal.ru