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Heavy Dust in the Air in Yerevan Not Radioactive: Expert (updated)

Unexplicable layers of dust can be seen in the air in Yerevan and in the regions close to the Armenian capital today.

The editors at Epress.am have received calls from the cities of Armavir and Etchmiadzin: residents have said the dust makes it difficult to breathe.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations informed Epress.am that they cannot say what the heavy dust in the air is due to.

“We too are interested; we’re working on it,” said a ministry spokesperson.

Recall, unusual weather conditions in Baku a few days ago became cause for anxiety among residents of the Azerbaijani capital. The were unusual red and yellow hues in the sky covering Baku, and mud rains were reported by local media.

Update, 1:40 pm: The RA Ministry of Emergency Situations’ Hydrometeorology and Monitoring State Service has informed Lragir.am that there is no danger; it’s simply a desert storm, as occurred last year. The ministry advises those who have respiratory problems to wear damp masks covering their nose and mouth.

Update, 2:52 pm: The dust seen in Yerevan and surrounding regions today has no connection with the nuclear power plant, said Chair of the RA State Nuclear Safety Regulatory Committee Ashot Martirosyan, speaking to journalists in Yerevan today.

Maritorsyan assured the public that the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant is working as per usual, pulling out and displaying an instrument that detects the presence of radioactive materials as evidence.