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Sasun Mikaelyan Sees Changes in Armenia’s Airwaves

The authorities understood that they won’t go far by criticizing peaceful demonstrators in the 21st century, said Sasun Mikaelyan, a former MP who was imprisoned in connection with the events of Mar. 1–2, 2008, in Yerevan and released from the Ministry of Justice’s Hospital for Detainees on May 28. Mikaelyan was speaking at the Armenian National Congress (HAK) rally held earlier today at Liberty Square.

“Having political prisoners is not appropriate for our country,” he said.

Mikaelyan also noted that there are prerequisites for political change in Armenia today. In 2008, he continued, all the television airwaves were full of derogatory statements aimed at the “Movement” and humiliating footage of the arrests of political prisoners, but now “they speak of tolerance and the triumph of the people.”

HAK leader Levon Ter-Petrossian’s high intellect and accurate political calculations led to results, added the former deputy.

“Otherwise we would still be in prison,” said Mikaelyan.