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PHOTOS: Armavia’s New SuperJet 100 is Falling Apart, Says Moscow Blogger

Moscow-based blogger, photographer Ilya Varlamov blogged about his three-day trip to Yerevan on board Armavia’s recently acquired Sukhoi SuperJet 100.

“The first day was, unfortunately, the most successful. Initially, Armavia with its crumbling SuperJet didn’t justify my hopes.

“I flew Armavia to Yerevan, and let me say right away that I didn’t like it. When ordering tickets, I was unable to select a flight that took off and arrived at the same airport. As a result, I was forced to catch a taxi twice, though I could’ve drove to the airport and left my car parked there for 2 days.

“I flew to Armenia on ‘the pride of the domestic aviation industry’ — a brand new Sukhoi SuperJet 100. When I saw the flight to Yerevan was being offered on this very aircraft, I was very glad; it was interesting what the Komsomolsk-on-Amur factory built.

“I hadn’t yet entered the plane when a flight attendant informed me that taking photographs on board is strictly prohibited. While I was preparing to sit down, two more flight attendants felt the need to approach me and say that TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED [caps in original], although I didn’t intend on taking any photographs.

“I soon realized why the crew was so concerned about taking photographs on board. The brand new airplane was falling apart. Despite the fact that it’s been less than a month that the airplane has been carrying out regular flights, the interior was in a deplorable state. The hatches either couldn’t fit or didn’t hold the oxygen masks [it was supposed to hold]. The doors to the overhead baggage compartments spontaneously opened. The protecting glass of the porthole [window] was made of cheap thin film through which it was impossible not only to film, but also to simply view. And through the cracks in the casing interior I was able to examine the wiring, insulation sheets and more of the pride of the domestic aviation industry. I’m sure that that it’s a great airplane and can compete with Boeing and Airbus, especially if Sukhoi stops saving [money] on building materials and assembly. In the meantime, it’s simply a flying Lada. Here are some interior shots filmed with my mobile phone,” writes Varlamov.

Armavia had announced earlier that it plans to purchase an additional Sukhoi SuperJet 100 to add to its fleet.

Photos by Ilya Varlamov.