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Pregnancy Aborted of 14-Year-Old Goris Resident Sexually Assaulted by Father

On May 31, a woman (V.G.) informed police in the town of Goris in Armenia’s Syunik marz (province) that her husband, 45-year-old V.T., sexually assaulted their 14-year-old daughter, as a result of which the daughter became pregnant.

The Goris Journalists’ Club and Hetq Online reported earlier this month that the young girl informed her mother that her father had physically and sexually assaulted her for months. Those close to the family, wrote “Sharavigh” Goris Journalists’ Club PR specialist Irina Yolyan in an entry posted later on the journalists’ club blog, noticed changes and increased absenteeism from school.

After the case become known, Goris Women’s Resource Center assumed responsibility for supporting the mother and daughter. The Center provided financial support so the mother and daughter could go to Yerevan. The Women’s Resource Center of Armenia (WRCA) in Yerevan has since stepped in and is supporting the pair by providing legal and psychological help through their Sexual Assault Crisis Center. Whether mother and daughter are currently in Yerevan or Goris is under wraps, so as to protect the family.

WRCA Executive Director Lara Aharonian informed Epress.am that the father has, in fact, not been detained, but cannot leave Goris till the trial. According to the “Sharavigh” Goris Journalists’ Club, the father has a prior sentence for murder.

Epress.am today had a chance to speak with Irina Yolyan, who stated that the daughter has since had an abortion.

Sarmik Harutyunyan, head of investigations at Goris Police Division, also informed Epress.am today that a comprehensive investigation is currently underway.

“A criminal case on the basis of RA Criminal Code Article 141, sexual assault [with a person under 16], has been launched. There will be an investigation and if the father is guilty, he will be arrested,” he said.