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‘Revolution Exported from Africa’: Armenian Artists’ Work in Germany (PHOTOS)

Within the framework of Transkaukazja (Transcaucasia) Festival (launched in Warsaw in 2004), Armenian contemporary artists and Art Laboratory NGO members Arthur Petrosyan, Garik Yengibaryan and Edgar Amroyan were invited to take their street art to German city of Chemnitz. Earlier, Epress.am presented the works of Garik Yengibaryan — this time, Edgar Amroyan talked to Epress.am about his work.

“I became acquainted with an elderly woman who was a painter. She invited me to her artist studio and it turned out that she’s a street artist and runs an underground group with the name of Grandma Hooligans in which there are many elderly women who are involved in street art.

“The group leader’s name is Rozvita Müller, who was born in 1949 and studied in Berlin’s art academy; then, in 1968, she moved to France to participate in the youth movement.

“Then she moved to Bilbao, Spain, and lived among the Basque people. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she returned to her native Chemnitz and launched the aforementioned group. A few young Basque boys helped her. They showed me where the grandmas’ works are located in the city. And I, inspired by that, did my work. By the way, the work ‘Revolution export from Africa’ is stuck on the Dresden–Chemnitz train,” he said.