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‘Rock for Van’ Concert in Istanbul to be Opened by Armenian Artist (updated)

Turkey’s prominent rock bands are preparing to stage a concert on Oct. 30, in order to raise funds for victims of the recent earthquakes in Turkey’s eastern region of Van.

Forty local artists moved to join efforts and agreed to organize a concert in Istanbul’s KüçükÇiftlik Park.

Well-known Istanbul-Armenian rock musician Hayko Cepkin (pictured) will open the “Rock for Van” concert.

Proceeds from the sale of concert tickets, food and beverages will be donated to the Turkish Red Crescent Society to be put toward quake relief efforts.

Teams will also collect aid materials at the concert area. Participants will be free to bring all materials they want to send to Van, and all donations will be sorted out and packed by teams from Şişli Municipality.

Musicians to appear at the concert include: 4×4, Aslı, Aylin Aslım, Aydilge, Ayşe Saran-Murder King, Barlas, Can Bonomo, Cem Köksal, Çilekeş, Demirhan Baylan, Demir Demirkan, Dilemma, Duman, Direc-t, Emre Aydın, Ete Kurttekin, Feridun Düzağaç, Foma, Gece, Gece Yolcuları, Gripin, Haluk Levent, Kurban, Mabel Matiz, Malt, Marsis, Melis Danişmend, Model, Moğollar, Mor ve Ötesi, Multitap, Ogün Sanlısoy, Özge Fışkın, Öztürk, Pamela, Redd, Şebnem Ferah, TNK and Yüksek Sadakat.

Updated 2:48 pm, same day: last two paragraphs added.