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Hrazdan Residents Plan Protest Against Iron Mine Exploitation

A demonstration protesting the exploitation of the Hrazdan iron mine will take place at 1 pm on Nov. 9 in the Armenian city’s Constitution Square, Mesrop Mesropyan, one of the organizers of the initiative, told Epress.am.

Recall, Chinese company Fortune Oil obtained shares in Nagin Company, which in 2009 submitted the project for the openpit development of Hrazdan iron mine. Independent experts are of the opinion that openpit development of Hrazdan and Abovyan mine may lead to Hrazdan and Yerevan being deprived of drinking water with different water losses mentioned from 40% to 60%.

Mesropyan stated that there will be speeches during the demonstration that will explain the damages that mine exploitation might lead to.

“Then a motorcade to the area where drilling has already begun — to get sample. We will ask those companies carrying out the work [to provide us with] the appropriate paperwork so that we may know whether they have a right to carry out that work or not. Also, we will stage a protest on site and will ask they leave the area,” said the demonstration organizer.