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Notorious Entrepreneur Says MP Vardan Ayvazyan Owes Her $70,000

MP Vardan Ayvazyan owes entrepreneur Silva Hambartsumyan (pictured) $70,000 USD, Hambartsumyan said herself, in conversation with local daily Yerkir.

“Republican [Party of Armenia] MP Vardan Ayvazyan owed me $500,000 — he gradually paid it off, but there’s still $70,000 owing,” she said, noting that she purchased a mine from Ayvazyan; however, since there were discrepancies between the mining area and it’s name, she returned it and is still waiting for Ayvazyan to give back all of her money.

Weighing in on the deputy’s statement that “as you can see, half of the country has debts with Silva,” Hambartsumyan said Ayvazyan must have a huge opinion of himself if he thinks that he’s “half of Armenia”.

The entrepreneur also admitted that she has no issues with speaking with Ayvazyan face-to-face and, in fact, it’s Ayvazyan who’s avoiding her.

“Several times I saw both him and his driver. Recently too I saw him; he said I have to go to Georgia, to China… when I return I’ll give [you the money],” she explained, adding that two people in the country owe her money — Ayvazyan and Syunik regional councillor Surik (Suren) Khachatryan.

“It’s a question of principle: he goes to casinos but doesn’t pay back a woman’s debt,” she said.

Asked why she’s bringing up the issue now, she said her “cup of patience is full,” noting that she will respond to other questions at a press conference on Mar. 13.