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HHK Parliamentary Candidate Margarit Yesayan No Longer Aravot Reporter

Recent Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) member Margarit Yesayan (pictured), 26th on the HHK’s list of candidates contesting a parliamentary seat on a party-list basis, is no longer a reporter with local daily Aravot, the newspaper’s chief editor, Aram Abrahamyan, informed Henaran Press Club, adding that Aravot reporters have to have no political party affiliations, of which they are aware.

“The issue is not [being a] Republican. Imagine, I’m a Dashnak [Armenian Revolutionary Federation member] and I write editorials. In this case, you as readers would think I’m writing not as a reporter but as a party member,” he said.

Regardless of the outcome of the elections, he said, Yesayan no longer works at Aravot. Despite this, Abrahamyan continued, Yesayan remains one of his closest friends.

The former reporter told Henaran Press Club that she can’t imagine her life without Aravot, but she agrees with the editor’s view that when one is engaged in politics, she should leave journalism. “Of course, Aram is still my friend, my confidante, my consultant,” she said.

Asked where she intends to work, Yesayan said, “I think that HHK will receive the majority of votes on May 6 [election day] and I will be elected as a deputy and will work in parliament.”

Photo from Margarit Yesayan’s Facebook page.