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Heritage Party Candidate Doesn’t Impede But Helps Electoral Race, Says Levon Zurabyan

Armenian National Congress (HAK) election candidate in the no. 9 single-mandate constituency Levon Zurabyan’s only opponent is (Armenian President) Serzh Sargsyan’s regime, which in this particular constituency is represented by Republican Party of Armenia candidate Ruben Sadoyan. In conversation with Epress.am, Zurabyan (pictured) said he has created a good team ahead of the elections, which will be led by his election campaign manager Samvel Abrahamyan, while Isabella Sargsyan will be responsible for public relations. According to Zurabyan, included in his team are people who are respected and very dear to him, who are now developing his campaign strategy.

Recall, also contesting a parliamentary seat in the same electoral district are Heritage Party vice chair Ruben Hakobyan and Napoleon Azizyan from the Prosperous Armenia Party.

Asked whether having two opposition candidates (Zurabyan and Hakobyan) in the same district won’t give the advantage to the ruling parties’ candidates, Zurabyan said:

“I don’t see a problem here. I respect Ruben Hakobyan’s electoral right — I have quite normal and constructive relations with him. We’ve met a few times, and it’s due to our efforts that we were able to create an anti-Republican front. I’m ready to continue our work in the same spirit. Let me also remind you that Armenian National Congress candidates have assumed a unilateral obligation to campaign against only ruling administration candidates. I am definitely going to stick to this. We have also agreed to oversee the lawfulness of the elections together. So, I view his nomination in the no. 9 electoral district not as an impediment but as an aiding factor,” he said.