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What Message did Russia’s Foreign Minister Bring to Armenia? Opinion

Apart from the discussions that were officially announced between the Armenian and Russian parties, an important message related to the Eurasian Union was heard in talks Monday between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and high-ranking Armenian officials, electoral and political strategist Armen Badalyan told Epress.am, commenting on Lavrov’s Apr. 2 visit to Armenia.

Recall, the Russian foreign minister had said that the doors of the Eurasian economic union proposed by Russian president-elect Vladimir Putin are open to Armenia.

“Armenian authorities soon will be confronted with the question of making a choice between the Eurasian Union and the European Union — independent of who will be at the head of [Armenia’s] government,” Badalyan said.

This issue, in the analyst’s opinion, will become more pointed after the May 6, 2012 parliamentary election and the 2013 presidential election in Armenia.

Badalyan considers it notable that while Lavrov was meeting with students and lecturers, the US ambassador to Armenia was having a similar meeting with students.

“At the initial stage it’s possible, of course, to actively cooperate with both the European Union and the Eurasian Union, but this is a serious geopolitical issue. We have to make a clear decision,” he said.