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Prominent War Veteran Arrested, Accused of Swindling

Four individuals in plainclothes showed up at the house of war veteran and reserve colonel Volodya Avetisyan's house around 10 pm on Thursday and without producing a warrant, promptly arrested him.

Until early this morning, Avetisyan was held by the RA Ministry of Defense Investigation Service, then moved to Erebuni Temporary Detention Center, Avetisyan's friends informed Epress.am. They, as well as his family, have no other information regarding Avetisyan's arrest.

The RA Ministry of Defense Investigation Service today issued a statement saying that Avetisyan was arrested under RA Criminal Code Article 178 Section 2.2, suspected of "swindling large amounts."

"Avetisyan, for fraud and abuse of trust, under the pretense of providing assistance in the matter of exempting citizen H. Zakaryan's grandson from compulsory military service, swindled 2000 USD from H. Zakaryan. A criminal investigation is underway," reads the defense ministry's statement. 

Recall, Volodya Avetisyan is one of the leaders of the struggle to improve war veterans' socioeconomic conditions that began in May. He had organized sit-ins in Liberty Square and organized war veterans' visits to the regions. His army comrades informed Epress.am that they will spend the night in Republic Square to protest Avetisyan's arrest.