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Yerevan’s Kond Residents Promise a ‘Parade of the Homeless’ (VIDEO)

Eighty residents of the Yerevan neighborhood of Kond were unable to "catch" the prime minister after his cabinet meeting today. They broke up into different groups and decided to supervise all the exits from which the prime minister might leave the building; however, after waiting fruitlessly for a few hours, they continued their demonstration outside the RA Ministry of Finance.

Recall, it's been 6 years since their homes were demolished and they were promised apartments in a new building to be constructed in the same area within 2.5 years, but the government, according to the residents, is playing game of "come back tomorrow".

Speaking to Epress.am, the disgruntled residents said they have a contract and all the necessary documents, but the developer, a company called Downtown, is deceiving them and is not supplying the apartments.

"215 families today are renting: more than half have died, others have left the country. They've swallowed the money, and now they're saying, 'There's no money for us to invest.' In 6 years they've built [only] 4 floors," said Garegin Safaryan.

He said that they have one demand: to get their promised, new apartments, the hope of which they've already lost, though Serzh Sargsyan told them one year ago, don't worry, "everything will be fine."

"It's been 6 years, we 'haven't worried about it', but we're not going to sit still any longer, we're going to go to the finance ministry, to see what it says. During the Erebuni-Yerevan celebration, we're going to come out demonstrating. It will be amazing: a parade of the homeless," Safaryan concluded.