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“Shoot Us Right Here,” Say Women Protesting Outside Armenian President’s Office

The mothers of 4 young soldiers killed in the army under non-combat conditions at 11 am today once again held a protest outside the Armenian president's office. For months, the grieving mothers have been asking for a meeting with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.

On January 28 of this year, RA Ministry of Defense representative Vardan Avetisyan promised to inform the president of their request, but the mothers have still not received a reply and came today to learn about the fate of their petitions.

The police officers at the gate guarding the presidential palace regularly urged the women to leave, to protest elsewhere, or meet with representatives of the Reception of Citizens, Appeals, Complaints and Proposals Office, to which the mother of Tigran Ohanjyan, who died in 2007, replied: "We're not leaving. [You can] shoot the four of us right here."

Police officers did not allow the women to join civic activist Vardges Gaspari, who was standing in front of police officers holding a sign that read "Serzhik – scoundrel, Serzhik – murderer" (referring to Serzh Sargsyan). Some time later, police picked up Gaspari by his arms and legs and walked down Baghramyan Avenue, dropping him on the ground about 30 meters away from the presidential palace. The activist continued his protest and was left lying on the ground.

The mothers held their demonstration until 3 pm. 

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