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Four Non-Ruling Parties Have Prospect of Unified Position: MP

In spite of naysayers, the quartet [the four non-ruling parliamentary parties: Heritage Party, Armenian National Congress, Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun, or ARF-D), and Prosperous Armenia Party] operates and continues to work effectively, head of the ARF-D parliamentary faction Armen Rustamyan (pictured) told reporters today, after a meeting of representatives of the four parties. 

The MP said that discussed during the meeting was the situation after the Constitutional Court ruling on the funded pension system, and it was decided to convene a special meeting where a project to amend the law on funded pension will be presented. 

"We will take the initiative to amend the law, based on the Constitutional Court decision, to resolve the uncertainty that arose from the Constitutional Court ruling. We are changing specific provisions [of the law], thereby getting rid of the ambiguity," he said. 

Rustamyan said the process of forming new government was also discussed at today's meeting.

"We spoke about all the possible developments, aiming as a result of changes to have a position as unified as possible. Currently, the assessments vary, but we are hopeful that there is a prospect for a unified position," he said. 

Asked whether the ARF-D will be part of the ruling coalition, Rustamyan said the final decision will be made by the Supreme Council of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation on April 18.