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Hovik Abrahamyan About Former Prime Minister: “I Don’t Agree with the Wording ‘Scandalous'”

The executive branch of government during its question-and-answer period at the National Assembly was represented with a nearly complete new government. The session was chaired for the first time by newly elected parliamentary speaker Galust Sahakyan. 

During this period, Armenian National Congress MP Aram Manukyan asked whether newly appointed Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan is ready to disclose former PM Tigran Sargsyan's inherited scandalous stories — the "offshore scandal," the issue of the sale of Vorotan hydro power plant, ratification of Armenia's gas agreements with Russia, and the funded pension program. Manukyan reminded him that Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan urged the new prime minister not to occupy himself with criticism. 

Responding to the question, Abrahamyan said that his principle is transparent governance. 

"I am one who assumes responsibility, and I agreed to undertake this position knowingly. Tigran Sargsyan had his shortcomings, but I don't agree with 'scandalous' or other wordings. I am going to work transparently," he said.

Abrahamyan urged the opposition to work with government, but not using the language of ultimatums. 

The prime minister recalled that the Armenian National Congress refused to participate in the discussions he organized regarding the funded pension system, though the offer still stands. 

"We will say that which we will do. It's better to write less, do more — let's put aside personal ambitions. There are many problems facing our country," he said.