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Victory Day Marked in Yerevan with Songs and Russia, Karabakh, Ukraine, USSR Flags

A convoy of cars and motorcycles decorated with the ribbons of St. George; the flags of Armenia, Belarus, Russia, the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Kazakhstan, the USSR, and even the Russian Air Force drove around the center of Yerevan on Monday afternoon. The car windows were decorated with the hammer and sickle, and Russian-language signs with inscriptions such as "Hit the fascist bastard" and "Thank you Granddad for the victory". 

The Epress.am reporter came across the festive march at Hero of the Soviet Union Marshall Ivan Baghramyan's statue, which is in front of the American University of Armenia, next to the UK Embassy. 

Participating in the procession were military servicemen and law enforcement officials, as well as veterans. Heard through the loudspeakers was the voice of Russian State Duma MP, singer Joseph Kobzon, who was singing the song "Victory Day". According to participants, the march is dedicated to the 69th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II. 

Placed side-by-side on the doors of one of the cars were the flags of Ukraine and Russia, with the inscriptions "Kiev" and "Moscow". Meanwhile, the speaker sang, "Half of Europe, we marched half the Earth…"

According to a burly man in a black uniform with the word "Spetsnaz" on his chest and 6 stars on his epaulettes, they are preparing for the "main event," which will be held on May 9, with the assistance of the Russian Embassy, the Russian military base stationed in Armenia, and the Argo Union of Armenian-Russian Cossacks. 

A young man in a helmet and girl in army fatigues stood on the side of the monument, waving flags to the song: "I want to go home, to Russia — I have not seen my mother for a long time." All this lasted about an hour…