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Man Accused of Domestic Violence Claims He Only Hit His Wife Once

Accused of causing psychological and physical pain, and beating his wife Hasmik Khachatryan for 9 years, Sargis Hakobyan, 33, in court today denied that he hit his wife, adding that his wife would never have complained if the women's support center did not direct her. This news was conveyed to Epress.am by Khachatryan's attorney, Tigran Muradyan. 

Testifying in the Gegharkunik District Court of First Instance, Hakobyan said he hit Hasmik once — in the face. The reason, he said, was jealousy. Apparently, Hasmik had been speaking on the phone, and he had asked to whom she was speaking and asked her to give him the phone. Hasmik did but not before she erased the last number dialled. This, according to Hakobyan, raised some doubts for him and he hit Hasmik. According to Hakobyan, one time he suspected that Hasmik was trying to poison him, giving him pungent water. 

"I'm convinced that my wife wouldn't complain [i.e. take the matter to court] if women's organizations didn't guide her," he said.

In response to this statement, Hasmik Khachatryan told the court that it was her decision to take her husband to court and she did so because her life was in danger.

Recall, after the court session today, a group of Hakobyan's supporters verbally attacked Khachatryan's supporters, which included activists from women's and other human rights organizations.