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“Dear Child, How Many Turks Will You Kill?” Human Rights Activist on Armenian-Azerbaijani Dialogue

Many in the fight against civil liberties do not differ from Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan. They hold training sessions in five-star hotels in Europe; meanwhile, on the border are defenseless citizens, said Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives chairperson Georgi Vanyan in a broadcast of Epress.am's "Information Warfare" series. 

"That peacekeeping [those peacekeepers], with their expensive honorariums and expensive hotels that travel the world on account of the misfortune of those who have lost their homes and sons, desecrate the dead. I believe that the spoils of war continue in peaceful conditions. For example, they say peacemaking is threatened [referring to the arrests of journalists and human rights activists in Baku]. How is it threatened? Let’s examine this: was peacemaking not threatened when, say, a book vendor standing on the street, selling an Azerbaijani book is arrested? He was not preaching, [simply] selling. He was earning a daily living. They sentenced that man for I don't know how many years. Did this not interfere with the so-called dialogue?" he said. 

According to him, broadcast on television are programs that spread hate and preach terror, and in any lawful country, those responsible for such broadcasts would have been held accountable a long time ago, he said.

"I'm watching a reportage: [a child is asked,] ‘Dear child, how old are you?’ He says, four. ‘What will you be when you grow up?’ ‘A border guard.’ ‘To do what, dear child?’ ‘To protect the Turks.’ ‘To protect whom?’ ‘Ah no, no — to protect the Armenians, to kill the Turks.’ ‘Dear child, and how many Turks will you kill?’ ‘Six.’ ‘No, you have to kill a lot of Turks.’ ‘Uh huh, I will kill a lot of Turks.’ Imagine this child’s future for a moment — he will not have a value system. His value system is [limited to] killing a Turk. His value system is murder. And if we were a lawful country, this journalist would've been arrested long ago because he engages in terrorism, because he is terrorizing the child's soul, because his terrorism is disseminated on the airwaves," said Vanyan.