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2 of 3 Government Bills Put to Vote in Parliament Today Failed

Armenia's National Assembly today decided to examine the bills proposed by the government, despite the fact that the Armenian National Congress (HAK), Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Rule of Law, and Heritage Party factions, and some Prosperous Armenia MP voted against this. Thus, 67 voted in favor of and 26 voting against considering the government bills in today's extraordinary parliamentary session.

Note, today's meeting was called by the government, though the parliamentary opposition opposed discussing the draft laws on the grounds that the majority of the bills hadn't been presented to the parliamentary commissions beforehand. 

Though no headway was made during the faction leaders' meeting with parliamentary speaker Galust Sahakyan during the 20-minute recess demanded by HAK faction leader Levon Zurabyan, and the three government bills were put to a vote, two of them were not adopted, since the opposition did not participate in the vote and the number of ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) members (the parliamentary majority) was not enough for the bill to pass. 

Some of the HHK MPs were seen voting for their absent colleagues. Realizing that the government bills are not passing, HHK faction leader Vahram Baghdasaryan this time asked for a 20-minute recess.