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Non-Ruling Factions in Parliament Boycott Session To Discuss Attacks on Opposition Figures

Today, at the National Assembly, during the beginning of the Government’s initiated extraordinary session the non-ruling parties have demanded that it be interrupted and another extraordinary session convened in regards to the current situation in the country. This was suggested by Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) MP Naira Zohrabyan, who noted that the National Assembly must respond to last week’s registered acts of violence against veterans and HAK faction secretary Aram Manukyan. Naira Zohrabyan said that if an extraordinary session is not convened, the BHK faction would boycott the present session discussing the government's proposal taking 7 loans from international organizations.

Heritage and Rule of Law Party factions joined Zohrabyan's protest.

“What happened to Aram Manukyan is an attack on all MPs of the National Assembly,” specifically said Rule of Law faction secretary Heghine Bisharyan. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF-D) faction also condemned the attack against Aram Manukyan.

The ARF faction secretary Armen Rustamyan noted that the National Assembly is obliged to find a way of responding to the issue and asked for a 20 minute recess in order to consult with the NA Speaker.  NA Speaker Galust Sahakyan called for a recess and said that the factions were prepared to accept a statement condemning the attack.

Nevertheless, Sahakyan stated that the National Assembly’s non-ruling parties’ proposed extraordinary session can only convene at 6:30pm, after the current session finishes. The Heritage Party faction secretary Rubik Hakobyan stated that four factions, Arnenian National Congress, Heritage, Rule of Law, and Prosperous Armenia Party will boycott today’s session for not immediately convening their proposed session. After Hakobyan’s statement, the MPs left the Assembly hall. A few minutes later, the ARF-D faction MPs also left the hall.