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Armenian Activist Vardges Gaspari Charged with Another Administrative Offense

Armenian Police have launched administrative proceedings against civic activist Vardges Gaspari after the latter took part in a protest action on May 20 condemning the violence used by police officers against the parents of soldiers who died in the Armenian army in non-combat conditions, and in a demonstration organized by the employees of Nairit chemical plant. Note, previously police have charged Gaspari with 8 administrative and 1 criminal cases, 2 civil lawsuits. 

In an interview with Epress.am Gaspari said that the reason for the administrative proceedings on the basis of insulting a representative of the authorities was an incident in front of the building of the RA National Assembly. After the protest action in solidarity with the parents of deceased soldiers, Gaspari went to the National Assembly where the employees of Nairit were holding a protest in demand of their back wages.

During the action, the activist tried to hang a poster on the gates in front of the parliament building. The poster featured RA Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan, Yerevan Police Chief Ashot Karapetyan, and Yerevan Deputy Police Chief Valery Osipyan; under each of the official's name it read “dishonorable.”

“Police officers were not letting me hang the poster, they held my hands, and I called them 'hooligans' and 'bastards',” Gaspari said.

Receiving the summons regarding the administrative proceedings, the activist, accompanied by his lawyers, went to the police station were 4 law enforcement officers drew up a protocol. 

“At the station, too, I said that they were 'unscrupulous bastards', 'criminals,' and that in their actions they were only trying to suppress civil movements. I wonder why they were not offended by this at the station, if they were so offended in front of the parliament,” the activist concluded.