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Assault Suspect Who Beat Wife in Broad Daylight Taken to Hospital (Updated)

Update: Police representatives told Epress.am Monday afternoon that Gevorg Sargsyan was taken to Yerevan's St. Grigor Lusavorich hospital at around 6 am on November 27 with what appears to be a stab wound to the left thigh. The incident, as well as the one involving the man beating his wife on a Yerevan street, is being investigated, officials said.

2 pm Deceased Nagorno-Karabakh war veteran Vardan Tumanyan's next of kin will file a court motion for the detention of Gevorg Sargsyan, one of the men currently on trial for beating Tumanyan in July 2014. Sargsyan was released on his own recognizance several months ago, and on Saturday, he was caught brutally beating his wife in broad daylight on a central Yerevan street. 

“He has committed another crime while out on own recognizance, thus violating the conditions of the release,” Tigran Muradyan, a lawyer for the deceased's wife, told Epress.am on Monday.

Vardan Tumanyan died one day after being brutally beaten in a Yerevan yard in July, 2014. Gevorg Sargsyan, known by the nickname "Jungle", and his two nephews, Sargis Ghukasyan and Viktor Hovsepyan, were subsequently arrested on charges of “infliction of willful medium-gravity damage to health by a group of persons;” the prosecution believes that the veteran's death was not directly caused by the beating.

On November 26, human rights activist Zara Hovhannisyan witnessed Jungle badly beating his wife on Yerevan's Teryan street. After Hovhannisyan's intervention, Sargsyan escaped the scene, while the activist took the victim to a police station to file a crime report.