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Parents Forced to Take Son to Psychologist Due to Unhealthy Atmosphere in Yerevan Kindergarten

Because of the unhealthy atmosphere in the Yerevan kindergarten N32, the parents of one of the children have had to take their kid to a psychologist, Armtimes.com reports. The mother of the 5-year-old boy described the sharp changes in the behavior of her son in the Facebook group named Kindergarten and Children.

“In September, it was time to take my son to a state kindergarten. He is a cheerful, sociable child. When he saw someone playing alone, he would keep approaching this child until until he/she joined his game. On September 6, we transferred to this so-called kindergarten, although my husband and I were worried that he would not be able adjust due to the overcrowdedness of the groups. But for 10 days he went there very happily and cheerfully. Judging by his good mood and his answers to our questions, he was happy with the place. Our nightmare began on September 17. My son would wake up in the morning and refuse to leave the house.

“My husband was able to somehow persuade him and took him to the kindergarten for 2 days. On the third day, he said he wanted me accompany them. So I did. My son did not even get out of the car. And that was it! There isn’t a trace left of my sociable and cheerful Aren. He’s at home all day; he is constantly frightened. He can’t even bear it when I leave his side for a second. His father can not go to work; he has to take the child with him; there is no other option. […] Because of his experience in the kindergarten, we had to turn to a psychologist,” the mother’s post reads.

According to Armtimes.com, it is not the first time that parents have taken to social media to complain about the overcrowdedness of the groups in the kindergarten N32 and the attitude towards children. The number of children in groups reaches 56, while the teachers keep the kids in a constant atmosphere of fear.

“It turns out that in this prison, which disguises itself as a kindergarten, teachers threaten to call a doctor and give everyone injections if the kids eat slowly. If one of the children cries, they say that their mothers and fathers will not come to take them home, and so on. According to the psychologist, these words have not not addressed to my son directly, but being a very sensitive boy, he took everything personally. I understand that 56 children in a group can be overwhelming [for the teachers], but how can they resort to scaring the kids so much? Who will answer for what happened to my son?” the mother said.