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Authorities to Investigate Young Mother’s Death After Complicated Labor

The Office of the Armenian General Prosecutor has launched a criminal investigation into the January 28 death of 19-year-old Lilit Khosrovyan in Yerevan’s Erebuni medical center, Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper reports.

The investigation was launched based on the paper’s earlier report; the woman’s family have yet to file an official complaint. The case has been referred to the Investigative Committee for preliminary investigation.

Khosrovyan died a few days after giving birth to her first child in a complicated labor. Her mother is convinced that the hospital “deliberately discharged her three days later so that she would not die when under their care.”

Khosrovyan’s had been overseen by doctor D. A., who would regularly warn the woman that she would have to give birth through C-section because of a wrong fetal position. Immediately before she went into labor, however, Khosrovyan was told that the fetus had changed position and there no longer was need for C-section. After a rather difficult delivery, the woman’s health began deteriorating rapidly; nevertheless, she was sent home just three days after labor. Several days later, the new mother was again taken to hospital in a much worse state and died during surgery shortly after.

According to her parents, although Khosrovyan’s death certificate has already been released, the official cause of death is still unknown.