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Alaverdi Youth Art Chamber Deprived of Water Supply

Construction works at a site in the town of Alaverdi have damaged several water pipes, leading to disruption to water supply at the nearby Youth Art Chamber. An employee of the Chamber has informed Epress.am that their building, which hosts 35 children in chess and dance circles, has been deprived of water for the past three months. resulting in issues with the usage of toilet facilities. In addition, the building is not heated properly and is in dire need of renovation and repair.

Epress.am managed to find out that the building that is being constructed next to the Chamber belongs to David Tarminyan, the head of the Alaverdi service office of the State Committee of Real Property Cadastre.

When contacted by Epress.am for comment, the head of the Culture, Sport and Education Department at the Alaverdi Mayor’s Office Susanna Shaghinyan replied to our question with one of her own, trying to find out “what purpose we were pursuing.”

– [The Mayor’s Office] does not carry out any activities in this building. Have you seen any kids there? Who should we heat the building for? We’ve offered these private circles to hold their classes in other schools. Why won’t they move there? Water is not the most pressing issue in that building. You’ve seen it; it needs major renovation. Nevertheless, we haven’t even been informed about the water issue. I don’t know where you heard about it. The major renovation is included in the community programs; we simply haven’t been able to collect the funds needed. We have been looking for programs to repair the building.

– What programs are the repair works in included in?

– Well, I can’t talk about it now.

– There is a copper-smelting plant in Alaverdi; have you perhaps turned to them for assistance in preserving the public areas of the community? Plants that cause great harm to the nature usually agree at least to help the communities financially..

– Usually, they do, yes. But not here. It’s not up to us to decide what this plant should do.

Shaghinyan later phoned us to inform that both the town’s water utility and the Cadastre Committee had been notified about the building’s water issue.

– The owner of the building that is being constructed has promised to repair the damaged water pipes. If he does not, the water utility will.