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Yerevan Transgender Woman Recounts Brutal Beating

The Yerevan transgender woman who on February 28 was brutally beaten up in her apartment recounts the incident in an interview for Epress.am.

Jacklyn and E. had agreed to meet at the woman’s apartment; the young man, according to Jacklyn, knew that she was transgender and did not have any issues with it: “We were having a really good time and at some we had sex. Afterwards E. demanded that we continue and began to strangle me when I refused. He grabbed me by my ear with his hand and smashed it. That’s when I hit him in the face with a glass. I then pulled him off of me and began screaming for help, hoping that someone would hear me.

“I ran to the door, managed to open it and ran out of the apartment. E. caught up with me; he grabbed me from behind and we rolled down the stairs. He was hitting me in the head and yelling, ‘Die, die, die!’ I don’t remember anything else. I lost consciousness and regained it 4 days later in the hospital.”  The woman had to undergo an urgent surgery for a skull fracture; she also suffered bruising and hematomas and is currently undergoing drug therapy.

Yerevan police have opened a criminal case into the incident; E., however, has been released from detention on his own recognizance. Jacklyn says she does not feel safe and is afraid that E. might hurt her again. His relatives, she continues, have come to her to ask that she does not file a complaint against the young man.