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The Immorality of Armenia’s Political Thinking

Originally published on Facebook in Armenian by political analyst Stepan Danielyan:

Citizen of the World Asya, the Status of Artsakh and the Status of Armenian Citizens in Artsakh

Asya Khachatryan, an out-of-the-standard girl who recognizes no nationalities, has inadvertently revealed the truth behind a 30-year-old Lie.

It’s noteworthy, that the whole legal bundle of lies has been untangled by a girl with blue hair who is above all conventions.

Societies are formed on the basis of some or other agreement and the ensuing legal relations. The Artsakh issue is based on a Big Lie: the parliament of Soviet Armenia recognized Karabakh as a part of Armenia, as did the legitimate legislative body of the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region and the people of Artsakh, obtaining Armenian citizenship and electing their deputies in the Armenian parliament. Pretty straightforward, and had this remained the case, Armenian soldiers would serve legally in Stepanakert, and Asya would be able to smoke wherever and whenever she wanted and would be protected by law.

And after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world, whether they wanted to or not, would have to find a solution and recognize Armenia’s independence, with Artsakh as its part.

Asya’s Artsakh adventures began in Armenia, when the Armenian parliament, without having legally annulled the decision to unify, illegally proclaimed independence separately from Artsakh, which was subsequently officially recognized as part of Azerbaijan on international platforms. The immorality of Armenia’s political thinking derives precisely from this.

As a result, Artsakh, rejected by Armenia and with its people seized as hostages, has become a curse and legal black hole for Armenia, which is used during illegal “elections” as an ideological and physical baton over Armenia.

The birth of the Republic of Armenia was unlawful: the people were deceived and, like any other bastard, they will always be haunted by the mystery of their birth.

Asya touched this Big Lie and came face-to-face with outlawed Artsakh and the outlawed status of Armenian citizens in Artsakh.

Her cigarette and hair color made the Stepanakert policemen lose vigilance, provoking their instincts and serving as a trigger for revealing the truth behind the Big Lie.