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Police in Vanadzor Used Force to Disperse Hundreds of Demonstrators

Police in Vanadzor, Armenia’s third largest city, today used force to disperse the group of demonstrators gathered on the city’s central streets. Police officers hit the protesters, pulled and pushed them to remove them from the roadway.

Note, Opposition Yerkir Tsirani party members, led by Zaruhi Postanjyan, had joined the demonstrators in Vanadzor in blocking the streets. In her speech, Postanjyan announced that Gyumri and Vanadzor had joined the uprising against Serzh Sargsyan’s appointment as the country’s Prime Minister and advised the police to rebel against the members of the ruling Republican Party instead of attacking peaceful protesters. “Police have to first of all take measures to bind the hands and feet of usurpers, including the Lori governor.”

When asked by a reporter whether Postanjyan had joined the Reject Serzh movement, the oppositionist replied that hers was a “national liberation fight and Serzh Sargsyan is a part of it.”

Poster calling upon people to rebel.

Vanadzor-based human rights defender Edgar Khachatryan told our reporter that the number of police officers in Vanadzor has increased drastically compared to Monday. He added that nearly 100 students had since early morning been carrying out actions at various parts of the city to “Reject Serzh.” “They have now gathered outside the building of the Lori administration.”