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Minister Aid Spots Waste Dumping on Arshakunyats Avenue 

Ashot Sargsyan, counselor to the Minister of Health, member of “My Step” coalition of the Yerevan Municipal Council published a video on his Facebook page last midnight, where he explained how he spotted a truck dumping off garbage on Arshakunyats avenue. He captions his video with the following statement: “I was telling you this is a sabotage!!! We’ve just spotted, the truck has just dumped this off on purpose!!!”

“They’ve brought and nicely dumped it all here. In the morning, it is expected that photos will flood the internet screaming “The garbage, the garbage!” It was done just for this purpose. And there you can see the driver. And here is the garbage bin, please. Look at how much garbage has been brought. A truck full of it. This is the narrow street taking from Arshakunyats towards “Dzyunik refrigerators”. This is how sensational photos appear in the internet,” comments Sargsyan in his video.

All of this is taking place in circumstances of Sanitek’s inaction, to which Yerevan’s waste collection was commissioned, and the Municipality’s efforts to try and resolve this issue. More details on this issue can be found here.

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