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Head of Armenia’s National Security Office Resigns to Focus of Football

At a press conference convened in Vanadzor’s Technological Center today, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan disclosed that Artur Vanetsyan, head of the National Security Service of Armenia will resign from his position and focus on advancing Armenia’s National Football team to European Championship 2020 finals.

Nikol Pashinyan has already approved the resignation letter, the order will be signed in the coming few days.

“This happened, in a way, as a result of a few discussions with the Director of the National Security Service by mutual consent. At this moment, I think, Mr. Vanetsyan will focus on the very important task of national and state importance of advancing Armenia’s national football team to UEFA Euro Cup 2020 finals,” said Pashinyan.

After the statement of the Prime Minister, Vanetsyan wrote his resignation statement on his Facebook page. “I have decided to resign from the position of Armenia’s National Security Service’s Director. I find this decision the most preferred and most justified option in the situation that is already created and in the upcoming context.

I made this decision with as much confidence as the one of taking up this position at a time most pivotal for our country. My work of the past 1.5 years has been evident to you, I made every single step guided by one principle – the Motherland and honor of the Officer is above everything else.

Nation-building has its logic; volatility of decisions, turbulence of actions, non-distinction of the primary from the secondary and the transient from the permanent as a style of work are not the path leading to execution of goals. This has nothing in common with the dignity of an Officer. An Officer’s epaulet and such pace of developments are not compatible. May my resignation, as a step to call to senses, signal “Stop!” All other options will see the prevalence of my duty towards my Motherland”.