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Jhangiryan acquitted from a 2009 Charge around  March 1 

The Supreme Court (Court of Cassation) chaired by Hamlet Asatryan, has overturned the ruling over Gagik Jhangiryan, former deputy Prosecutor General around the March 1 case.

On February 23, 2008, deputy Prosecutor General Jhangiryan was arrested. The indictment read that while entering the main police building he did not follow the instruction of the police officers, hit officer Arman Harutyunyan with his hand and inflicted physical pain to him, and tore the police uniform of Tigran Aghvanyan.

On March 23, 2009, Gagik Jhangiryan was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment over the charge of exercising violence towards a representative of authorities.

Jhangiryan appealed the decision of the first instance court to the Court of Appeals in 2009, however the ruling was not overturned.

In August 2019, the Supreme Court (Court of Cassation) accepted Jhanirgyan’s appeal of overturning his indictment of 2009.

Cleared of former indictments, Jhangiryan now qualifies to hold high positions in the law enforcement bodies.