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The Nationalists Disliked Dink

On the next day of his death, Hrant Dink was branded yet another victim of the Genocide, when under a top-down instruction, a solemn march was organized to Tsitsernakaberd in Armenia. The march did not reach its destination, many dropped out into the restaurants on the way, however Dink’s fate to be “1.5 mln+1” was inevitable. In the meanwhile, he was disliked by the nationalists both in Armenia and the Diaspora, however after his death, the became one of the remarkable “corpses” in the nationalist tombs, only because he was killed from a bullet by a Turkish nationalist.

In Turkey, many progressive intellectuals consider Dink their forefather, and for 10 years or so Dink’s name does not descent from the mouths of these circles. The contemporaries verify that he had an immense impact on the Turkish society, “Agos” newspaper under his editorial was not simply a private national newspaper, but a weekly looked forward to every week by many groups of the Turksih society. After all, Hrant Dink’s name is linked with the deghettoization of the Armenian community in Turkey.
Hrant Dink is the joint great intellectual of the Armenian and Turkish peoples which neither is yet ready to acknowledge.
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Gayane Ayvazyan
Source – Gayane Ayvazyan’s FB page