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Resorting to Russia’s Aid to Resolve Own Issues is Despicable: Babajanyan on Prosperous Armenia

Independent MP Arman Babajanyan recently reacted to Russian propaganda ‘tycoon’ Vladimir Solovyov’s air time dedicated to the situation involving oligarch, MP Gagik Tsarukyan and the statements made by Prosperous Armenia party members participating in Solovyov’s program. While acting as a journalist, Solovyov is known to have close ties with the Putin administration. Journalistic investigations have found out his immense wealth of mysterious origin, mansions he owns overseas.

Babajanyan specifically said, “The recent processes in Armenia reveal an extremely painful and worrying reality that all means are acceptable for reaching ends. To prove this, we see what is happening in overseas, specifically in the Russian media. Our oppositional colleagues from the Parliament, experts and political scientists with a clear political orientation literally trash Armenia, the Armenian statehood in Russian airtime. This fits, what I call, “bringing in a man from outside” logic [an idiom signifying the patriarchal solidarity by engaging more “men’s fists” in an internal issue].

The scheme is very clear; first they run to the embassy of the country from which they enjoy patronage, they present their grievances to the Ambassador, then they appear in Russian air time, which they fill with filthy statements against their own country, topped up with gibberish by the host.

This is unacceptable and despicable. All these entities, instead of talking to their own people from this podium, choose foreigners and indicate that they do not have a tiny sense of feeling ownership in their country, feeling patriotic.

Gentlemen, these events will pass, but the traces you are leaving with your antinational activities, is going to be left and will not be erased from the public and our memory.”

Earlier during the day, the Embassy of the Russian Federation issued a statement about a meeting with Prosperous Armenia Party members, specifically, Ambassador Sergey Kopyrkin’s meeting with Vahe Enfiajyan and Mikayel Melkumyan.

Gagik Tsarukyan was stripped of his parliamentary immunity on June 18 and is charged with bribery and fraud.