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May 9 is celebrated as the Victory and Peace Day in the Republic of Armenia’s calendar of holidays.

We, the undersigned citizens of Armenia, mark this occasion with a clear demand for peace, because peace is victory, and any “victory” that does not bring peace is actually a defeat.

We counter any claims for territory with claims for peace, and insist that there is no alternative to peace – not as an obligation following defeat but as the freely-expressed will of the people of Armenia to leave under peaceful skies, as ratified by the 2021 snap elections.

We note with regret that, after gaining power, the leaders of the non-violent, bloodless, democratic revolution in 2018 joined the pathetic ranks of the “traditional” warmongering political parties, falling to the trap set by the past. At the same time, we cannot neglect the ruling authorities’ efforts to lead Armenia out of the dead end of isolation and cross-border hostility as well as to emerge from a blockade and establish relations with neighboring states at a time when the country’s sovereignty is vulnerable and it faces very serious security challenges as part of the extremely complex current geopolitical situation.

We believe that warmongering political parties no longer have a place in Armenia, because the harmful era when the Karabakh issue was misused as a means for regime change has ended. Therefore, there is nothing left for them to do but to seek to stoke a civil war as a final attempt to grab power from the people. It is absolutely clear that none of the self-declared “saviors of the nation” are ready to wage war against Azerbaijan, much less Turkey. Therefore, the only target that this new “Armenian vengeance” can seek is “the Turk within” meaning citizens of the Republic of Armenia just like us, people who have chosen not to die for the country, but to live for it, those that elect to live on the path of freedom, dignity, and happiness. We are breaking the silence of thousands of citizens that think like us and reject labels like “Turk” and “traitor to the nation” by demanding that the legitimate rulers of the Republic of Armenia stay true to their promise and resolve the Karabakh conflict through a peace treaty.

Sharing the pain and sorrow our people have felt at the tragedy of war, the legitimate concerns of our civil society partners, and upholding our part of responsibility for the protection of the rights of the Armenians of Artsakh, we demand peace, with no “but”-s.

And we will celebrate the victory of peace!

Arpy Manusyan, Sociologist, Researcher
Anton Ivchenko, Citizen of RA
Armen Ohanyan, Fiction Writer
Nvard Margaryan, Human Rights Defender, Researcher
Mariam Khalatyan, Sociologist, Researcher
Gohar Shahnazaryan, Sociologist, Lecturer
Arman Grigoryan, Artist
Armine Markosyan, Philologist
Shahane Khachatryan, Journalist
Anna Nikoghosyan, Scholar
Nane Khachatryan, Researcher
Lara Aharonyan, Human Rights Defender
Anush Poghosyan, Psychologist
Tatev Yesayan, Graphic Designer
Lusine Papanyan, Turkologist
Eviya Hovhannisyan, Social Athropologist
Hovhannes Azoyan, Actor
Gohar Khachatryan, Citizen of RA
Agapi Ivanyan, Economist
Lilit Avetisyan, Psychologist, Lecturer
Nikolay Hovhannisyan, Human Rights Expert
Anahit Ghazaryan
Hovhannes Margaryan, Artist
Arthur Petrosyan, Artist
Laura Babayan, Business Analyst
Christina Ajemyan, Developer
Tigran Khachatryan, Artist
Araqs Asatryan, Artist
Elmira Petrosyan, Manager
Yelena Babayan, Social Media Specialist
Vahagn Sargsyan, R&D engineer
Christina Soloyan, Citizen of RA
Mamikon Hovsepyan, Human Rights Defender
Hripsime Kizogyan, Sociologist
Armine Harutyunyan, Social Worker
Vahan Durinyan, R&D engineer
Tigran Sargsyan, Engineer
Vahram Aghasyan, Artist
Knar Khudoyan, Journalist
Arpi Mkhitaryan, Activist
Zara Harutyunyan, Journalist
Yuri Manvelyan, Journalist
Mariam Gharagyozyan, Economist, Financial Specialist
Tigran Amiryan, Philologist
Sona Simonyan
Avetiq Karagulyan, Scientist
Hrayr Manukyan, Сitizen of RA
Levon Hunanyan, Public Figure
Laura Manukyan, Cultural Figure
Marianna Eghiazaryan, Lawyer
Khachatur Mkrtchyan, Accountant
Lilit Saribekyan, Dance Teacher
Michael Qotanjyan, Musician
Lilit Ghazaryan, Housewife
Stella Hunanyan, Midwife
Sevak Kirakosyan, Freelance Teacher
Hrayr Savzyan, Citizen of RA
Hasmik Petrosyan, Advocate
Anahit Baghdasaryan, Citizen of RA
Vardan Jaloyan, Art Critic
Karen Tonoyan, Citizen of RA
Naira Mnatsakanyan
Shoghik Khachatryan, Quality Control Inspector
Gevorg Kehyan
Emin Ohanjanyan
Armen Harutyunyan, Citizen of RA
Volodya Hakobyan, Journalist
Anahit Krishchyan, Psychotherapist
Shushanna Tevanyan, Citizen of RA
Ani Sakhlyan
Shaghik Matevosyan, International Law Expert
Hakob Mansuryan, Architect
Vadim Ohanyan, Physmath Candidate of Sciences
Aram Amirbekian, Journalist
Lilit Baghdasaryan
Arpi Balyan, Cultural Anthropologist
Monika Avanesyan
Hasmik Harutyunyan, Psychologist
Nona Shahnazaryan, Social Athropologist

Citizens of Armenia can join the statement by sending an email to [email protected]

The statement was originally pubilished in Armenian on May 8, 2022