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PANICKED. Organized By Artists In And Outside Of Armenia

Everyone knows that they are wasting their lives within usurped everydayness.

There is an impression that it is impossible to avoid the catastrophe of capitalistic planning.

Art provides the possibility to prevent people from falling into despair or becoming acquiescent – joining right-wing, fascist groups because we join the “strong one” when we feel defeated.

We can all become artists and art can give us the possibility to resist and live together autonomously.

This exhibition is the continuation of the long lasting history of events self organized by artists in and outside of Armenia.

The exhibition is being realized by artists themselves.

milena adamyan
gaya danielyan
lusine talalyan
grigor simonyan
narek arushanyan
mihran martirosyan
tigran khachatryan
narek hakobyan
levon sargsyan
anna evoyan
sona baghdasaryan
jan mirzoyan
merouj khalatyan
arthur sharoyan
gevorg mnatsakanyan
marusya sepkhanyan
milena abrahamyan
karen hakobian
harout simonian
karen andreassian
vigen tadevosyan
begonia santa-cecilia
silvia federichi
george caffentzis
josh mac-phee
georgia sagri
ayreen anastas
rene gabri
ella klaschka
olivier foulon