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Education Minister Wants to Use Facebook Just As Those Protesting Against Him

Newly appointed Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia (RA) Hovik Abrahamyan in his message on pension reform, comprised of 7 basic clauses, clearly stated the position of the new government regarding the funded pension system, said RA Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan (pictured), speaking to the media after today's cabinet meeting on the matter of yesterday's protest demonstration by education sector employees and members of the pressure group Dem Em ("I am against") outside the RA Ministry of Education and Science building. Ashotyan didn't leave the building during the protest and didn't meet with the protestors. 

He said, to his knowledge, those citizens who submitted statements requesting that pension contributions not be withheld from their wages receive their full salaries without the deductions.

"As you know, yesterday I asked the protestors to the Ministry of Education to discuss not only their concerns, but also a number of other issues in the education sector. I remain of the opinion that the street is a very convenient place to raise an issue, but not a convenient place to discuss issues. I believe that meetings particularly with teachers must be substantial, and it is with such hopes that I again invite teachers concerned with the issue to come to the ministry, to meet with me," he said. 

Ashotyan also addressed the demand of yesterday's protestors to "log out of Facebook and come down." The minister said that during the protest he was at his workplace, and the suggestion regarding Facebook should be considered purely as a joke. "They themselves are in that sector; they themselves are the experts. This movement was initiated and operates solely due to Facebook's information platforms and capabilities. If they use it, why shouldn't I?"