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Back to USSR: Armenian Communists Want to Join Customs Union (PHOTOS)

Members of the Armenian Communist Party today, in connection with May 1, International Workers' Day, organized a march toward the Russian Embassy and delivered a letter to an embassy representative in which they expressed their desire to join the Russian-led Customs Union.

Members and supporters of the party from Yerevan and several regions of the country with red Soviet flags, shirts inscribed with the letters CCCP ("USSR" in Russian), Pioneers' neckties, posters, and medals of honor first gathered in Saryan park then walked toward the embassy.

The letter delivered to the Russian embassy read as follows: "We, participants of the May 1, Eurasian populous march in Yerevan, appeal to the peoples of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation, as well as Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, urging at this crucial stage to fully support the large-scale integration process initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Armenia's forthcoming accession to the Customs Union is a fateful outcome for the long-suffering people of the republic — the first step on the road to actively participate in the process of creating the Eurasian [Economic] Union on January 1, 2015. We, participants of the march, from Yerevan and the regions of the country, are convinced that the Eurasian Union will be the first, but strong step on the difficult path to the inevitable recreation of the union state in the new format in the post-Soviet space."

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Photo credit: Lusine Khachatryan