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Top 10 Scandals of Former PM Tigran Sargsyan’s Government, According to Nikol Pashinyan

Former prime minister Tigran Sargsyan's government was the "most scandalous" in the history of the third Republic of Armenia, said Armenian National Congress MP Nikol Pashinyan during discussion of the 2013 budget performance report in the National Assembly today. Recalling the former PM's activities, Pashinyan presented a list of his government's "top 10" scandalous incidents.

In 10th place was Tigran Sargsyan's call to speak as little as possible about the economic crisis, saying the more we talk about it, the higher the likelihood of a crisis.

In 9th place was former RA Minister of Justice Hrayr Tovmasyan's comment to parliamentary parties expressing a vote of no confidence in the government that they are making a mistake, in that case when they were only trying to exercise their constitutional rights.

In 8th place was when Tigran Sargsyan appeared drunk at a public event at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex on November 11, 2011.

The 7th scandal, according to Pashinyan, was Tigran Sargsyan's statement on emigration: "What should I do? Let them stay here in Armenia and start a revolution?" 

The 6th scandal was the revelation that the government concealed from the public the increase in the price of natural gas. Pashinyan remarked that the sole purpose of hiding this fact was to ensure the Republican Party of Armenia's victory in the elections.  

The 5th scandal was the decision to install speed sensors and cameras in Yerevan, the aim of which was to increase Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's brother Alexander Sargsyan's business — by confiscating up to 20 billion AMD from citizens. 

In 4th place was the scandal with Nairit Plant, when Tigran Sargsyan, as head of the RA Central Bank, granted a loan of 70 billion AMD to a company called Raynoville to run the plant. "Sargsyan's brother working in Nairit received astronomical sums; meanwhile, Nairit's employees are still struggling to get their wages," Pashinyan said. 

The 3rd scandal, according to Pashinyan, was the decision to introduce the funded pension system; iIn 2nd place was the decision that threatened the artesian basin of Ararat Valley adopted by Tigran Sargsyan in the position of chair of the National Water Council; and in 1st place, the famous "offshore scandal". Pashinyan recalled that Sargsyan transferred a loan of 10 million AMD to Cyprus and started a business with entrepreneur Ashot Sukiasyan and Archbishop Navasard Kjoyan. 

After Pashinyan's speech, Prosperous Armenia Party MP Naira Zohrabyan added that Tigran Sargsyan's government also squandered the $16.6 million from the Millennium Challenge fund.