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Super Powers Betrayed the Kurds: Protest in front of the US Embassy 

“Today we have gathered at the embassy of the USA to condemn the US authorities for having left the Kurds alone face-to-face with the Turkish artillery,” stated Knyaz Hasanov, representative of the Kurdish community in Armenia, member of “My Step” fraction of the Parliament. Hasanov’s speech in Kurdish and then in Armenian was accompanied by the chants of the protestors; “Erdogan terrorist!” “Erdogan faschist!”.

The dozen Kurds with Armenian and Kurdish flags held posters condemning Turkey’s military aggression and also condemning the decision of the US authorities to call the troops off from the Turkish-Syrian border.

This decision of the White House was immediately followed by the wide military offensive of the Turkish armed forces on armed Kurdish troops and peaceful population. As a result of the retreat of the US troops, Syrian Kurds known as US partners in the fight against ISIS were deprived of the US support against Ankara and found themselves all alone in front of the Turkish armed forces. The Kurdish settlements were under shelling for days.

“The super powers act based on their interests, their oil interests, their arms sales interests to both the islamists and the Syrian authorities, and the Kurds and all. They enforce their power and enrich themselves, while Kurdish people’s innocent blood is shed.

We condemn the super powers, the USA that was a supporter of the Kurds and was calling on them to move forward and fight against the islamists and now it has left them all alone against the Turkish artillery,” said Hasanov at the action.

He also emphasized that this massacre of the peaceful population was taking place under the circumstances of inaction of the super powers and in their silent consent, as happened two years ago when Kurdish Afrin city was taken.

“We call on all the peace-loving nations, on the correct international community to hold the murderer, genocidal hands of the Turks, and let the Kurds live in their settlements,” said Hasanov.

The participants of the action handed over a letter to the representative of the US embassy in Armenia.