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“Money Offered for Demanding Minister Resignation” ReSTART 

Dashnak-leaning forces (leaning towards the Armenian Revolutionary Federation party) offer bribes to the first-year students of YSU, writes Yuri Avagyan, member of the student-led ReSTART initiative on his Facebook page.

“So, quasi-Dashnak elements are distributing bribes among first-year students of YSU. According to trustworthy information that has reached to me, first-year students of the Physics Department were offered 5000 drams each for participating in the protests against Arayik Harutyunyan. Of course, most of self-conscious students did not participate in this fake, politically motivating action, however, this shameful phenomenon took place at YSU.

I call on the administration of YSU to pay due attention to the anti-educational and politically motivated hoax taking place at the university, while I have no calls for the Dashnak-leaning, quasi-political conglomerate, as rational calls to them are pointless. 

I can provide evidence to this information, therefore I advise all those with affection for these non-protests not to demand evidence, because I will embarrass these non-citizens to the highest possible level. The genuineness of these protests is not just busted, but evaporated,” reads the Facebook post.

Since November 6 2016, students of the Armenian Philology and History Faculty are on a student strike with demands ranging from protection of Armenian language to stopping the cultural disaster in the country, to resignation of Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Arayik Harutyunyan. The demand is shared by young Dashnaks, activists fighting against the Istanbul Convention to Prevent and Combat Domestic Violence and disrupters of “HuZanq u Zang” open-air performance.