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Two Conscripts Die in NK 

The press service of the Defense Ministry of Armenia reports that on February 12, 2020, at around 11:30, army conscripts Tigran Manvelyan and Tigran Mkhoyan both born in 2000, died of a weapon injury inflicted upon them in unclarified circumstances.

Investigation is underway to find out the circumstances of their death.

This is the 10th case of military servicemen dying in non-combat circumstances in the 40 days since the beginning of 2020.

On January 1st, conscript Artyom Ghazaryan was reported dead in a military unit in North-South of Armenia due to complications of an illness.

On January 6, contract serviceman Gegham Khachatryan was reported dead from an injury from a weapon, allegedly in an act of suicide on the frontline.

On January 21, contract serviceman Artur Nalbandyan born in 1980 was reported dead due to an accident (unspecified) during military guarding.

On January 30 conscript Vahram Avagyan born in 2000 was reported dead from a weapon injury in a military training unit. Fellow servicemen were arrested, criminal investigation is underway.

On February 7, three contractual servicemen, Karapet Nazaryan, Tigran Arzumanyan, Nver Shahbazyan  fell victim to an avalanche, another servant, Hamlet Mirzoyan was rescued.

On February 9, conscript Valery Petrosyan was reported dead from sudden natural causes.

Besides these cases of deaths, 5 cases of serious injuries were also reported for the first 40 days of 2020, of which 3 were severe injuries.